We're more than a bunch of engineers.

We're an energy company powered by a vision.

It’s about pushing the boundaries of what batteries can do, and what the world can do. Realizing the potential of the Internet everywhere and anywhere. Enabling a new era of transportation that’s quicker and cleaner than any before. It means unheard-of capabilities and undreamed-of possibilities. We are ready to overcome any limits to progress, and to help you do the same.

Real people. Real promises.

We all know there’s a lot of noise and empty promises in this industry and that it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. But you won’t hear any of that from us. When we commit to delivering cells to bring your vision to life, we deliver. And we do it with complete transparency. No excuses. No surprises.

We work with every size company, from small startups to large manufacturers. Whether you’re looking to power prototypes or established products in high-end markets, our team of engineers will work with your team to make sure every detail of the project is carefully considered and optimized.

Not just a disruptive battery technology, a disruptive business model.

SolidEnergy today manufactures the world’s lightest rechargeable cells at pilot scale for prototype demonstration and specialized aerospace markets. But our real future lies in the materials we supply—anodes and electrolyte—for mainstream markets such as consumer electronics and electric vehicles. We supply these to large Li-ion cell manufacturers to be integrated with a separator and cathode into full cells which can be customized for different applications including drones, consumer electronics and electric vehicles.

Because our anode and electrolyte materials are compatible with existing Li-ion cell manufacturing processes, we can achieve scalability by using existing infrastructure. This eliminates the need for costly infrastructure investment. It’s all part of our open ecosystem. It means a more seamless end-user experience, faster prototyping and no limits to growth.

Our Story

CEO and founder Qichao Hu explains how SES came to be and the challenges he and his team fought to overcome along the way.

Unlimit Your Career

SolidEnergy is not for everyone. If you want to push the boundaries of what’s possible; if you understand that fighting the status quo is never easy but always worth it; if you want the chance to give everything you’ve got, with no limits on what you can achieve; join us.

SolidEnergy embraces diversity and competition. We do not discriminate based on race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or national origin. But we do discriminate between those who can get things done and those who can’t. Slackers, dead wood and prima donnas need not apply.