Cells that will do more than move vehicles forward.

They will move the entire industry.

Arriving in 2020, Apollo™ will power far more than the electric vehicles they’re used in. With twice the range of a lithium-ion cell, they will drive the entire conversation around electric vehicles. They can even lower the overall cost of a vehicle by more than half— a breakthrough that won’t just benefit drivers, but everyone.

Unlimit EVs

Engineered with twice the energy density (450 Wh/kg) and half the size (1200 Wh/L) of conventional Li-ion cells, the Apollo™ cell is powerful enough to eliminate the two factors that have prevented electric vehicles from going mainstream: range and price. Enabling drivers to either go twice as far or spend half as much, all while exceeding the safety standards of conventional batteries, the Apollo™ will offer the best of all worlds, for the entire world.

Apollo by the Numbers

Giving more power to the driver while requiring less from the world, Apollo™ won’t just improve acceleration, it will ensure the exhilaration lasts twice as long. See just two ways the Apollo™ cell outperforms its lithium‑ion counterpart.

Twice the Range

Utilizing the same space as a conventional Li-ion cell, a full-size Apollo™ cell will deliver twice the driving range.

Choose Your Benefit

Twice the power and half the size means more options for drivers. With Apollo™, drivers can opt for more mileage per charge, lower overall vehicle cost, or a combination of the two.

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