The future of personal electronics isn’t just in sight.

It’s already in the works.

Imagine watches, wearables and smartphones that can do exponentially more, while weighing significantly less. And that can go even longer without a charge while offering an unprecedented level of safety. With the arrival of the Athena™ cell in 2018, what was once thought impossible will become impossible to live without.

Unlimit Smart

Today, pioneers with 2019 ideas are limited by 1990 battery technology. Which is where Athena™ comes in. Half the weight and twice as energy-dense as conventional Li-ion cells, Athena™ will run twice as long or use half the space, freeing up precious real estate for tomorrow’s technology. And because it will be produced at scale using the existing Li-ion infrastructure of the world’s top cell manufacturer, it will be available for users everywhere on day one.

Athena by the Numbers

Watch a full movie, and then watch its sequel. Livestream concerts to your friends. Record a song. Or an album. Athena™ won’t just let you get more out of your device, it will let you get more out of it for twice as long. See just two ways the Athena™ cell outperforms its lithium‑ion counterpart.

Twice the Runtime

A 600 Wh/L Li-ion cell can run for about a day. A 1200 Wh/L Athena™ cell of the same size will stay charged for twice that long.

Half the Size

A half-size Athena™ cell offers the same runtime as a full-size Li-ion cell while freeing up nearly a third of the device for additional components.

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