The lightest metal on Earth.

Now the lightest rechargeable cell in the world.

Lithium: an element with unlimited potential that has gone unrealized, until now. Through our proprietary anode design, electrolyte formulation and cell assembly process, we’ve harnessed its power and created the first semi-solid lithium metal cell.

Cracking the Lithium Metal Code

Engineers have long attempted to capitalize on the superior energy density of lithium metal. But its high reactivity made lithium-metal cells extremely flammable and difficult to recharge. SolidEnergy’s cell solved this by using an ultra-thin lithium-metal foil for the anode, a proprietary electrolyte that is stable on lithium metal, and an innovative cell design.

All the Energy, Half the Size

By making the anode so much thinner and lighter, we can make the cell half the size and half the weight and still deliver the same energy as a full-size Li-ion cell. Freeing up plenty of space for your next big idea.

The Process

SolidEnergy’s innovative materials are a drop-in replacement to existing Li-ion infrastructure, and can be manufactured using large-scale Li-ion assembly process, making our technology truly scalable. Today our pilot production facility is large enough to house the wings of a Boeing 747, and is manufacturing the world’s lightest rechargeable cell at a commercial scale.

Behind the Scenes at SES

The BBC visits the SES facility and goes into the dry room to see how the revolutionary cell is made.

SolidEnergy vs. the Competition

While the industry is filled with false claims and empty promises, we choose to let the numbers speak for themselves. See how the actual results of real SolidEnergy cells measure up to other emerging technologies, including silicon-based Li-ion and Li‑Sulfur.

Connect with Us

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