The world’s lightest rechargeable cell is here.

Two times the energy density of lithium‑ion cells.

A million times the potential.

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Next-Generation Technology

In semiconductors Moore’s Law says the number of transistors per area doubles every 18 months, in battery there is a similar phenomenon, where the energy density doubles every 30 years. What we all think of as today’s most advanced battery technology, Li-ion, is actually 30 years old. With lithium metal, we enter a new era in battery technology—lighter and more powerful, not to mention safer than ever. Our unique technology taps into the potential of lithium metal, while eliminating all of the past hazards. Discover how this breakthrough cell technology works.

About Us

Started by a Harvard/MIT student team out of a world-renowned lab at MIT, SolidEnergy is home to a deep bench of proven battery experts. Learn more about our team and our vision of helping you realize your vision.

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Out of the laboratory and into the world. See what the press has been saying about us and what we have been saying to the world.

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