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Smart Phones

Electric Cars

Our Advantages

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Ultra-thin metal anode can double energy density and achieve 1200 Wh/L and 400 Wh/kg.



Non-flammable and non-volatile, and can safely operate at elevated temperatures.



Can be manufactured using existing Li-ion infrastructure, and leverage an open ecosystem.


Our Technology


About US

SolidEnergy revolutionized portable energy storage with the introduction of the “anode-free” lithium metal battery in 2014. SolidEnergy’s two material platforms, dual-layer electrolyte and ultra-thin lithium metal anode, provide transformational energy density and safety across all rechargeable lithium batteries and can be seamlessly integrated into existing Li-ion manufacturing capability. The final applications include drones, watches & wearables, smart phones, and electric cars. SolidEnergy was founded in 2012 during the turmoil of the lithium battery industry meltdown. Its mission is to power people’s lives, whether they are communicating with loved ones on a phone or driving with family in an electric car.

Latest News

Jan. 29, 2016: SolidEnergy raises $12M in Series B financing led by a major US auto company, and syndicated by SAIC, Applied Ventures, and all existing investors who participated in Series A.

Oct. 28, 2015: SolidEnergy is the proud sponsor of Nature Outlook on Batteries


Our Team

Xiaorui Chen Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Previously worked on polymeric conducting materials. Received his PhD from Clark University and BS from University of Science and Technology of China.
Myung Cho Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Previously worked at Samsung from 1996 to 2014 on solid polymer and gel electrolytes for lithium batteries, and membranes for other energy storage technologies.
Qichao Hu Ph.D.
​Founder, CEO
Founded SolidEnergy while working on his doctoral and postdoctoral research at MIT. Received his PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard and BS in Physics from MIT.
Jaehee Hwang
Project Leader
Previously worked as a scientist at Pellion and research assistant at Northeastern University with K. M. Abraham.
Yoongu Kim Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Previously worked as a research scientist at Apple, Infinite Power Solutions, and Oak Ridge National Lab. Received his PhD in Engineering Physics from University of Virginia.
Jody Klaassen Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Previously worked at Medtronic and Cymbet on various lithium batteries. Received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from MIT. He enjoys working on home improvement projects and woodworking, and building “imagination” projects with his son, Ben.
Xiaobo Li Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
Previously worked as a research scientist with Brett Lucht on high voltage lithium battery materials. Received his PhD from University of Maine and BS from University of Science & Technology of China.
Yury Matulevich Ph.D.
Senior Cell Developer
Previously worked at Samsung SDI as a senior engineer for 9 years on silicon-based anodes and solid electrolytes for lithium batteries. Received his PhD in Physics from Moscow State University. He likes traveling and hiking near the ocean.
Bruce Lei Peng
Received his Master in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and BS in Economics from Peking University.
Board Director
Board Director
Managing director at a US auto ventures
Board Director
Board Director
Managing Director at Shanghai Auto (SAIC)
Prof. Donald Sadoway
Chief Science Advisor
John F. Elliot Professor of Materials Chemistry at MIT. A noted expert on electrochemistry and batteries for both portable and stationary energy storage applications.
Rajesh Swaminathan
Board Observer
Investment director at Applied Ventures
Yang Tang
Cell Development Engineer
Previously worked at Reresearch. Received her Masters in Chemistry from Boston College and Bachelors from Fudan University. She’s too cool to share any personal information with the public.
ChoonChong Tay
Board Director
Managing partner at Vertex Ventures
Arun Tiru Ph.d.
Senior Scientist
Previously worked at Contour Energy on Li/CFx chemistry. Received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from University of Texas at Austin under Dr. Arumugam Manthiram.
Wenxiang Xue
Board Director
Managing director at Longsiang Investment
Ikuo Yonezu Ph.D.
Director of R&D
Previously worked as the Chief Technology Officer of secondary batteries business at Sanyo Electronics. Received his PhD in Applied Chemistry from Osaka University.


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